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Evolve Shurelink Weedy Green 20lb


Stock available in limited quantities


The Evolve Shurelink is a revolutionary, coated hooklink material. Manufactured from 80% braided fluorocarbon fibres and 20% Dyneema, the hooklink is ultra-thin in diameter, as well as remaining incredibly strong. Due to the composite of the material, Evolve Shurelink can stretch by up to 12% and is incredibly abrasion resistant. Evolve Shurelink is available in three different breaking strains (20lb ,25lb and 35lb) and in Weedy Green or Camou Brown colouring. We’ve ensured with Shurelink, which has already proven itself as such a versatile rig material, that there’s something to suit all angling situations.

Weight: 20lb

The Finer Details

20lb Weedy Green

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