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Casting Glove


Stock available in limited quantities


The Taska AVL Casting Glove is designed to protect not only your casting finger, but your whole hand. The reinforced leather that wraps around your casting (Index) finger will withstand force from the hardest of casts, to ensure no impact or pressure is put onto your finger. The palm of the your hand will be covered by a thick, protective mesh that will not only protect, but provide grip when casting and/or using a throwing stick and allow free flowing air to pass through, ensuring no moisture build up on the palm of your hand. The Casting Glove will simply slide onto your hand, and will be fixed into place by a heavy duty Velcro strap that will not slip when casting.

The AVL Casting Glove is available in both Left and Right Handed Versions.


The Finer Details

Reinforced leather to protect Index finger
Thick mesh for increased airflow
Heavy duty stitching and velcro strap
Available in left and right handed versions

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