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The iCore Leadcore leader material is super heavy, yet boasts an incredibly thin diameter, making it perfect for use on flat lakebeds, or situations where your leader needs to be anchored down away from line-shy and wary fish. Using a soft alloy lead, the iCore Leader material remains supple and immensely strong from the outer PTFE fibres which also reduces fraying dramatically, making it far easier to splice and giving unrivalled knot strength too. Available in Weedy Green and Camou Brown, this 45lb breaking strain material is a great and popular addition to our range of Leaders.

Size: 45lb

The Finer Details

Easily Spliced
Very High knot strength
Braided from PTFE Fibres
High abrasion resistant
Ultra Heavy & Fast sinking
45lb Breaking Strain
Supplied on a 10m Spool
Available in Weedy Green and Camou Brown

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