Introducing ShureCare Online Exclusive


Deceptive Fluorocarbon Mainline 1000mtrs


Stock available in limited quantities


The Deceptive Fluorocarbon Mainline is an ultra-soft, 100% Fluorocarbon line that is 99% invisible under water - becoming even more invisible the further it sinks into the water column. Due to its fast sinking qualities, Deceptive is suited to fishing slack, or semi-slack lines, giving your line the ability to follow the contours of the lakebed, from your rod tips to your leader. The low diameter prevents your casting distance from being restricted, as it offers a much lower diameter to breaking strain ratio than other Fluorocarbon’s on the market. Not to mention, the high abrasion resistance makes it perfectly suited for safe and effective angling on lakes with leader bans, or abrasive gravel bars.


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