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Dreamlina Bed


Stock available in limited quantities


The Dreamlina Bed is the only option for anglers that are fishing longer sessions, or just prefer to have them home from home comforts on the bank! Featuring an eight-leg design, and our A.S.T webbing system, you can be sure that the Dreamlina is going to provide you with all the support you need whilst on the bank. As well as that, we have used a 5cm thick, foam mattress that really will help you to get a good nights sleep. The mattress is remoavble, yet completely insulated to prevent you from getting a draft on those cold, windy nights. We have also created angular adjustment of head section, which allows you to lay comfortably on your bed whilst watching the water. Unique to the Dreamlina Bed, we also provide one side-skirt, that runs along the length of the bed, which contains plenty of different little pockets and stash bags to store all of your bits and pieces such as your phone, wallet, receiver and car keys.


The Finer Details

8 Leg Design
A.S.T Webbing Support (Anti Sag Technology)
5cm padded foam mattress for increased lumbar support with fleece outer.
Aluminium Frame finished in Carpy Green.
Insulated mattress to prevent draft.
Enables angular adjustment of head section for increased neck support.
Heavy Duty Carry Strap
Removable transportation belt.
Bespoke heavy duty mud feet.

Weight: 13.9kg

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