Introducing ShureCare Online Exclusive


Stainless Bankstick Driver


Stock available in limited quantities


The Taska 13.9 Edition Bankstick Driver is a lightweight and compact piece of kit can be used in conjunction with any of the Taska Power Bore range of Banksticks, which is included in the 13.9 Stainless Edition, Aluminium Range and the A-Type Range. The Bankstick Driver has been designed to add simplicity when trying to push banksticks into firm ground. The product is compatible with any Taska Power Bore Banksticks - and can be used by removing the inner section of the bankstick, and securing in place by threading the horizontal bar through the hole in the side of the bankstick, then tightening the thread to secure a firm grip. The product features a simple ratchet system, which will twist the bankstick into any firm ground, providing you with a safe and stable set-up.


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