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13.9 Pro Edition Power Bore Banksticks Stainless


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The 13.9 PRO Edition Stainless Banksticks are made from high grade, British-made stainless steel. They are perfect for creating a solid, reliable set-up and have been designed in conjunction with our complimentary range of 13.9 PRO edition accessories. The Power Bore Banksticks have been manufactured with a precision-turned point to make it a swift process of pushing your bankstick into hard grounds such as gravel. The Banksticks have been constructed from our own 14.0mm tube and are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards. Our adjustable mechanism has been redesigned to ensure we have a flawless method of adjusting the height of the Banksticks with ease. Simply turn the collar left to loosen the mechanism and right to tighten the mechanism.

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The Finer Details

Life Time Warranty
Made in the UK
Backed By Taska Quality Assurance
Designed & Developed In The UK

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