Wazzup Foam Balls TAS 1328-1354

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Taska Wazzup Foam artificial bits are ideal for completing the perfect Zig Rig. They are made from an high-density foam, perfect for taking on flavours or for dipping in fish oil to give off further attraction, they are dense enough to hold the heaviest of hooks. Available in sizes from 10mm up to 20mm. The can also be used to create the perfect Snowman setup.

Colours Available:

Red 10mm/15mm/20mm
Yellow 10mm/15mm/20mm
Green 10mm/15mm/20mm
Orange 10mm/15mm/20mm
Purple 10mm/15mm/20mm
White 10mm/15mm/20mm
Black 10mm/15mm/20mm
Black/Yellow 10mm/15mm/20mm

Qty in pack: 9

Also available is a pack containing 1 of each of the 8 colours.

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