Banksticks - Standard TAS1166, TAS1167, TAS1168, TAS1184, TAS1398

  • Stainless Bankstick

Superb quality coupled with precision engineering, these totally unique bank sticks incorporate our T-Loc system. No more protruding knurled thumbscrews requiring coins to lock and unlock the tensioning. Our snag-free design helps eliminate possible line catch-ups, snags and tangling. Produced in 13.9mm stainless tubing the design provides exceptional strength, rigidity and lightness, also uniquely, the inner stick has a flattened side to stop turns and twists of buzzers, rests .

• Features our Revolutionary new T-Loc system

• Lightweight design

• 13.9 Dia stianless tube

• Swaged points - NO separate parts

• Patent Pending

TAS1166 6" (152mm)
TAS1167 9" (229mm)
TAS1168 12" (305mm)
TAS1184 16" (406mm)
TAS 1398 20" (508mm)

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