Cold Water Zigging...

I arrived at Shefford & District's Broom Lake about half an hour before the the light began to creep over the horizon. I decided to set up in a swim that gave me the most water to cover during the day. Often the fish can be grouped up in the winter, and it's just a case of finding where they are and it can produce multiple takes in a short amount of time. I began the day by fishing two Breakdown PVA Bags, filled with DNA White Malt's as hookbaits, and recasting these to a different area every 30-45 minutes (hoping to find where the carp were holding up).

With still no action as the day started to draw to a close, I decided to change both my rods onto zig rigs, using 12mm Wazzup Foam Barrels as hookbaits, with one zig tied at 3ft and the other at 6ft. With only an hour of daylight left, this was last chance saloon to save a blank. Half hour later, my left hand rod burst into life and I managed to bank a small common.

Zig's paying off once again when the fishing is tough, just remember, zigs aren't just for warm weather!

  • Cold Water Zigging...