Short but Certainly Sweet

We hear from Team Benelux member Timo Verbeke, as he tells us of his short session adventures on a local public water in Belgium. Being limited to short sessions certainly didn't bother Timo, and he reaped the rewards for making the most of his little time. He tells us exactly how it all happened:

"This summer, unfortunately there were no foreign fishing holidays on the cards for me. Because of my busy program at work and alterations at home, going abroad was simply not an option – but that couldn't stop me!
The urge to hold and admire some of our scaled friends was too big to resist. As a result, I opted for a public lake not too far from my home and place of work, so I could make maximum use of the little time I had. After my working day, I went to the lake to prebait before returning back home to further work.
Eventually, I managed to get out for a session of about 4 hours. This really doesn't seem to be much I know, as many anglers wouldn't bother - but for the time being, this was my only option. I knew that I had to adjust my approach here, and ensure that everything was perfect in order to maximise my chances in the small time frame that I had. I always prebaited in the afternoon, making sure to concentrate my bait on a few different spots at different depths. With this approach, I could always move into another swim if my initial swim choice was occupied. When I pre-baited, I always used a large shovel or bait scoop in order to spread the big quantities of bait out as much as possible. My boilies of choice were Sticky Baits' Krill, which had already proven themselves on the water, so this seemed like the obvious bait choice."

1st Session 17 July 2015

Work that day was quieter, so I managed get out a little earlier. At 13:00, I arrived at the lake with no other anglers present. I decided to fish the point swim, because the wind was blowing strongly in there. On this pit I tend to fish into with the wind, as from my own experience, fishing in these conditions has caught me numerous fish. Not only this, but I had baited quite heavily on this spot, so I was confident that the carp were used to feeding there. An hour after the first rig being dropped on the spot, a small common carp of about 18lb slipped up - a nice start but I knew that the water was home to several fish that are considerably bigger. Full of confidence, I put the rod back towards a plateau that I had found accidentally when sailing with bait boat my boat to recon some depths. The depth that I spotted some fish at on my Fish-Finder was about 6m, so I was looking for a hotspot of similar depth. The session came very good in the end, seeing me land 4 carp that day up to 41lb. A very successful first short session!

12 August 2015

With the wind still blowing in from the same direction. I made several trips to the lake to prebait the spots with Krill boilies. Finally, I was able to get myself back down the lake again one afternoon, fishing from 13:00 until 16:00. That short session resulted in 2 beautiful mirror carp - another real confidence booster and great reward for my efforts! After the session I put in the remaining soaked boilies (Krill boilies soaked in cloudy krill liquid + l-zero 30T) on the plateau spot, planning a session on August 15. On August 15 I caught a lovely mirror in less than 2 hours fishing!

27 August 2015

It was almost time for the school kids to go back, and my nephew asked me several times already to have a session fishing for carp, so I took him out on a carp hunt! He chose the right side to fish, whilst I fished on the left to avoid too many lines in the same area. The first bite came off the 6m spot, and after a short but heavy fight, we put the net under a common of 26 lb. The rig was back out on the spot and all of the rods were now in the hands of my nephew Dwight, maximising his chances of catching as much as possible before going back to school. In no time, the same rod came to life again, and with a few tips and pointers, he was able to land a 28lb common. The ice was broken and a Dwight had a new PB under his belt. So it was my turn again. Only fifteen minutes after dropping my rig, it was off again! Immediately followed by a take on my right rod - a double run! Mainly focused on adjusting Dwight with some corrections, we were both mid-fight – a truly special moment. He was able to land a nce common and I a dark mirror. A picture taken on the tripod was taken of the blissful moment. Not much later, the same happened again!. This time Dwight didn’t need instructions from me anymore; he was ready. Everything went smoothly and he guided the Carp to the net very well. This time beautiful Mirrors for us both!

28 August 2015

I still had a surplus of boilies which were soaked in l-zero 30T and Cloudy Krill liquid. In order to create no waste, it was decided to fish a quick morning session. This time everything went exactly as planned and I caught 2 big mirrors . These 2 were certainly had certainly been on the spot, as they both excreted a great load of Krill on the unhooking mat! With this session I had come to an end of my short day sessions on the water. In short. I fished 5 sessions together for 21 hours of fishing, resulting in 17 stunning carp of various shapes and sizes. I was very satisfied that I closed the holiday period in style. No time for long sessions but short powerful sessions did their job... On to the next!

  • Short but Certainly Sweet