Target After Target – Erik Hakvoort

Team Benelux member Erik Hakvoort recently got in touch with this awesome 39lb 2oz Common after a short time resting the lake he had been fishing due to prior commitments. Earlier in the year Erik managed to land the most sought after fish in the lake which took the scales round to 44lb 3oz, so after a short break set about targeting the second largest resident of the lake. After arriving at the lake on Saturday afternoon and setting up, time seemed to go past quickly with no indication on the rods until the next morning at 5am where a single beep woke him and since fishing with a locked up clutch, Erik was straight on the rod and hooked into a powerful and heavy fish. Eventually the fish was in the net and a fish which was yet to be ticked off Erik’s missing list was finally his. A combi rig compromising Taska Shurelink hooklink and Deceptive Fluorocarbon was the downfall of the fish, the rig was finished off the a Baseline Tungsten Line Aligner and a Long Baseline Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve to pin down and kick the rig out.

What a great result Erik! Keep them coming!

  • Target After Target – Erik Hakvoort