A Blinding Result - Marcus Barrowcliffe

The 23 year old Leicestershire angler started on his syndicate at the start of the year and has since been consistently catching ever since, putting any spare time in on the water to try and catch the wary old residents. Marcus carefully hand placed his soft hinged rig which utilised Baseline Tungsten Putty and Evolve Shurelink Hooklink, under an overhanging bush down the margin of the lake after baiting the spot days in advance with a mixture of cell boilies and hemp – which has worked well for him to catch the majority of the fish he’s managed this season. The big mirror known as Blind Eye tipped the scales at just under 35lb leaving only one more fish on his target list.

We’re sure it won’t be long before we see him lifting up his remaining target!

  • A Blinding Result - Marcus Barrowcliffe