Taska PVA bag is the key to success

Angler Name:
Craig Davies

linear fisheries

Catch Details:
Linear 28lb

Rig Used:
KD rig about 3inch

Bait Used:
Home Made Yellow Cell Pop Up As Hook Bait. In The Bag Cell Pellets And Crushed Cell Boilies.

Catch Report:
I decided to take a trip down to Linear fisheries to do a practice session for the BYCAC this year on Brasenose Two, what I didn`t anticipate was a session like this. I ended up catching seven fish and four of them where twenty’s, which in 36hr is pretty good. The Taska PVA bags worked a treat, if it wasnt for them I don’t think I would of caught as much as I did, they are so tough its unbelievable. The other product which helped me greatly was the Square-In-Line Leads 1.5oz and the new iCore leadcore which proved to be something that I will definitely be using when I am out on the bank.

After catching three high doubles on Friday daytime and night I never even thought that I was going to catch a twenty but on Saturday morning at about half five, my middle rod screamed off after a scary fight from weed bed to weed bed, I finally netted the fish. I knew it wasn`t small but what I did expect was a 28lb Linear, I was over the moon and to top it off that day I ended up with three more twentys; a 25lb, 20lb and a 25lb 6oz definitely a session I am not going to forget for a long time.